Manatri Mayurbhanj

Bhimkund Mayurbhanj


Manatri is a Village in Badasahi Tehsil , Mayurbhanj District , Orissa State . Manatri is located 10.4 km distance from its Tehsil Main Town Badasahi . Manatri is 30.2 km far from its District Main City Baripada . It is 183 km far from its State Main City Bhubaneswar.

Near By Villages of this Village with distance are Patisari(4.2 k.m.) ,Deulia(4.8 k.m.) ,Arapata(5.1 k.m.) ,Nadpur(5.7 k.m.) ,Chakradharpur(5.9 k.m.) ,. Nearest Towns are Khunta(9.8 k.m.) ,Badasahi(10.4 k.m.) ,Betnoti(10.5 k.m.) ,Udala(23.7 k.m.) , Badasahi , Bireswarpur , Chandanpur , Chhelia(A) , Durgapur , Gudialbandha , ... . are the villages along with this village in the same Badasahi Tehsil.

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